Museum 3D prints a full size Stargate

To help celebrate the opening of their Egyptian themed exhibit, which studies the role of Egyptian history in pop culture, the Musée royal de Mariemont in Morlanwelz, Belgium has commissioned a full size replica Stargate. The gate consists of parts made through a multitude of manufacturing techniques, including 3D printing. Visitors to the museum will be greeted to the sight of the gate outside of the museum.

The builders spent over 1000 hours to recreate the iconic Stargate. In addition to 3D printing, the team also employed laser cutters and CNC milling machines. These computer controlled machines allowed each part of the gate to be manufactured with precision. It took over 10,000 cuts and 2000 3D prints to create all of the parts which make up the whole replica.

It is possible that many of these same manufacturing techniques could be used in the Stargate franchise reboot should a new fullsize gate be created. Of course it is also possible that the producers will choose to digitally render the gate instead of creating a new 1:1 scale prop. The proliferation of 3D printing and computer guides laser cutters does make it easier to create this type of prop compared to the manual techniques originally used when the first movie was made.

Fans of the Stargate franchise will be able to see the full size Stargate at the Musée royal de Mariemont until November 20th, 2016. Many other Stargate related items will also be included in the exhibit, which would surely make it a worthwhile stop for any fans who can visit Belgium.

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Chicago Convention Gets A DeLuise

Creation Entertainment has added Stargate SG-1 guest David DeLuise to their lineup. David is best known to Stargate fans as Sam Carter’s love interest, Pete Shanahan in four episodes of SG-1. Mr. DeLuise joins a lineup of 11 other Stargate actors, including his on screen co-star Amanda Tapping. The convention is the final Creation Stargate event, and will run September 23-25 in Chicago Illinois.

The complete guest lineup as of this article is:

Amanda Tapping
Michael Shanks
Joe Flanigan
Torri Higginson
Christopher Judge
Gary Jones
Alaina Huffman
David Nykl
David Hewlett
Carmen Argenziano
Jamil Walker Smith
David DeLuise

Gatecon Returns to Vancouver With New Stargate Convention

Convention organizer Gatecon has announced that they will be holding a Stargate themed event in Vancouver Canada September 8-12, 2016. Styling the event as The Homecoming : A Weekend With Richard Dean Anderson, Friends & Special Guests, Gatecon has teamed up with Legends Memorabilia to bring out an all-star lineup of Stargate guests. So far the list includes Richard Dean Anderson, Amanda Tapping, and Michael Shanks.

Creation Entertainment Announces 2016 “Final” Stargate Convention

During the 2015 official Stargate convention in Chicago, Creation Entertainment announced the first guests for their 2016 convention. They are starting off their list with Amanda Tapping, Christopher Judge, Joe Flanigan, Alaina Huffman and Torrri Higginson. The convention will once again be held at The Westin O’Hare Hotel, and will be August 12-14, 2016.

Unfortunately for fans of Creation’s Stargate convention, the 2016 event is promised to be the last Stargate event from Creation. While the 2014 convention was supposed to be their last event, a boost of fan support pushed Creation to continue the event for a further two years. However, in the words of Creation Entertainment “All good things must come to an end unfortunately, so no more polls and such, this is the absolute last time we’re presenting The Official STARGATE SG-1/Atlantis/Universe Convention.” As listed on their event calendar, this will be their last Stargate show.

Legends Summer Stargate Auction

Legends Memorabilia is gearing up for their 2015 summer auction of original Stargate props and wardrobe items. Included in the auction are 24 original items which include costume items from all original SG-1 members. Fans can bid on an original set of BDUs worn by Michael Shanks, a cap worn by Richard Dean Anderson, Gloves worn by Amanda Tapping, multiple costumes worn by Christopher Judge, and even an offworld jacket worn by Corin Nemic.

For those interested in Jaffa armor, Legends will be auctioning off a set of rubber pads and skull cap.

To browse all of the items included in the auction, visit the Legends website.

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Live Stargate Prop Auction August 2nd

Various pieces of set decoration, props, wardrobe, and continuity photographs are being auctioned off by Morphy Auctions on August 2nd 2015. Many of the set decoration pieces were featured in Stargate Universe, however there are items from all three Stargate TV shows. In total there are 70 lots of Stargate related items which will be auctioned off, and many of those lots include multiple items. The continuity photo lots are being sold in bulk with over 1,000 photos in some of the lots.

Included from SG1 is an original Horus head made of a rubber foam material estimated by the auction house to sell for between $200 – $500.

For Stargate Atlantis, there are boxes of continuity photos and crew clothing.

Stargate Universe features the largest presence in the auction, with many large pieces of set decoration including the fan favorite oil lamp style lighting featured on the show.

Fans who wish to purchase any of the items will need to preregister for the auction.

Read the press release online, or browse through the Stargate items now on eBay.

Paul McGillion to Emcee Dragon Con Charity Auction

The 2015 Stargate Multiverse Track Don S. Davis charity auction at Dragon Con will be emceed by actor Paul McGillion. Best known by Stargate fans for his role in Stargate Atlantis, McGillion also portrayed the character of young Ernest Littlefield. This is not the first time McGillion has served in this role for the Don S. Davis charity auction. He has emceed the auction multiple times, the last of which in 2010 raised over $30,000.

The Don S. Davis charity auction is held every year at Dragon Con, and is put on by the Stargate Multiverse Track. Volunteers run the tract, and all auctioned items are donated by fans. In the past there have been many rare collectables auctioned off, including props and costumes from the shows.

For more information visit the Multiverse on Facebook.

MGM To Start Own Sci Fi Network

MGM Entertainment, creators of the Stargate TV series has announced that it will be partnering with Sinclair Television Group to form a new science fiction television network. MGM has over 1,500 hours of original science fiction content which will be aired on the network. Sinclair will finance and own the network.

In addition to Stargate SG-1, Atlantis and Universe, MGM has produced other science fiction shows such as The Outer Limits, Dead Like Me and Poltergeist: The Legacy. John Bryan, MGM’s President of Domestic Television Distribution had this to say on the new endeavor:  “As a producer of some of the genre’s greatest films and television series, MGM knows how passionate and loyal fans are about Sci-Fi.”

The network will launch in the 4th quarter of 2015, and will initially be represented in 30% of US television markets.

We expect that MGM will eventually premiere original content on the network in an attempt to dethrone SyFy as the preeminent network for Science Fiction programming.

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Amanda Tapping No Longer On Creation Guest List

Creation Entertainment has announced that Amanda Tapping has had to cancel her attendance at this year’s Stargate convention in Chicago. Earlier this year Ms. Tapping had been announced as the convention’s headline guest, but has since made filming commitments which would conflict with her appearance.

Replacing Ms. Tapping at the convention will be Rachel Luttrell and Paul McGillion, the later of which appeared at Creation’s 2014 Stargate event.

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Wizard Includes Stargate Guests in First Ever Pittsburgh Comic Con

Convention organizer WizardWorld has been making the most of the “Comic Con” brand recognition by hosting Comic Cons in cities everywhere. For their first ever Pittsburgh PA convention they have included a few guests with Stargate backgrounds. While these actors are mostly appreciated for their work on other shows, we here at Stargate Legacy would prefer to think of them as Stargate actors.

  • Colm Meaney
  • Jewel Staite
  • Adam Baldwin

You can find out more at the Wizard World website.