Eaglemoss Is Going Out Of Business, What It Means For Stargate Ship Models

We’ve learned that the company behind the officially licensed miniature die cast ships from Stargate, Star Trek, and other properties is going out of business. Here’s what you can expect to happen next.

The troubled company, Eaglemoss, has filed what’s called a legal movement called a “Notice of Intention”. The movement allows the company to take drastic measures to get its financial affairs in order. While this might seem like a positive move, the truth is that we’ve seen the same thing happen before. MGM licensee Chronicle Collectibles used similar legal maneuvers when they couldn’t make good on their obligations.

This is part of a troubling trend where companies secure licenses to many, many different properties, and overpromise the fans on what they can deliver. Although we don’t know if Eaglemoss had outstanding preorders, Chronicle Collectibles certainly did end up stealing tens of thousands of dollars from fans.

So what’s next with Eaglemoss? You can expect that whatever inventory they had produced will end up being liquidated. Most likely a distributor like Sideshow or Master Replicas will seek out the remaining inventory at a bargain price and offer it at the original suggested price.

The biggest loss with a company like Eaglemoss going out of business is the potential for all of the unreleased ships. It’s truly a sad state of affairs that companies like theirs don’t keep focused on just a few projects at a time instead of spreading themselves too thinly.

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