Stargate Licensee Chronicle Collectibles In Trouble

The company that was licensed by MGM to produce full size and half scale replicas of the helmets from 1994’s Stargate is in trouble. Attorney’s for the company recently took over the Chronicle Collectibles Facebook page to announce that they have gotten themselves into financial trouble. While the post doesn’t go into any details about what’s happened, there are reports of Chronicle staff members closing down their Dallas based office. So we’re assuming that they have shut their doors for good.

chronicle collectibles going out of business
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It’s not clear exactly what led to the company’s failure, especially as they had a healthy influx of cash from presales, but one possible explanation is the CEO’s habit of buying expensive movie props for his collection. For example, the original pyramid ship from 1994’s Stargate along with the Death Gliders were acquisitions of his. Was customer money spent on personal property instead of manufacturing the replicas they ordered? Only time will tell.

Chronicle Collectibles is part of a dangerous trend in the collectible world where companies tend to get as many licenses as possible, take hundreds of thousands of dollars in pre-orders, an then shut down operations. It’s our hope that these types of things will stop happening, but history has a way of repeating itself.

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