Stargate Reboot Not Happening

In a recent interview Dean Devlin announced that the planned Stargate reboot has begun to fall apart. We have already written about the Stargate movie reboot including announced writers for the trilogy. Unfortunately for fans who were looking forward to these new movies, the plans appear to have fallen through.

Devlin pointed out that “It looked good for a couple of months, but now it’s not looking so good,” and then further explained “There are just a lot of things that have to fire at the same time, and there was a moment where I thought it was all firing at the same time, and then it all kind of fell apart.”

The precise reason appears to be due to the nature of modern film making, and how big name franchises are handled. Franchises are valuable commodities within the industry, and are seen as profit machines. Since the original film was an independent film Devlin does not feel that he would have the freedom to make the type of movie that the fans are looking for, saying “You’d have several studio’s involved and a lot of voices and, you know, you may make something great, but you also may have something that doesn’t resemble what you wanted to do.”

Fans can take some comfort knowing that Devlin actually cares about the franchise, and about producing a good product. He sums up what he wanted to make by saying:

Listen, I think if we did Stargate right, the fans would like it and we could do something really good. But if we screw it up, they’ll reject it. As they should. But I kind of don’t want to do it if I think that we’ll screw it up, and that’s one of the things that’s holding us back.

So for now the Stargate seems to be back in mothballs at Area 51.

Read the entire interview at Empire Online.


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