Stargate Live Prop Auction

On Saturday, May 26th, Propworx completed their latest auction of original Stargate props and costumes. In total there were 73 items from Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis offered, all of which had opening bids of at least $50.

This auction represented what could be the last of Propworx’s inventory of Stargate related items; although the company has continued to offer Stargate items periodically since they famously auctioned off many of the most well known items from the franchise.

Some of the highlights from this auction included:

  • An original (although incomplete) segment of the Atlantis gate which sold for $1500
  • A staff weapon pieced together from broken components which sold for $600
  • A pair of Daniel’s reading glasses which sold for $550
  • A complete set of three different Zat gun holsters which sold for $500
  • And the deal of the day was one of Colonel Shepard’s wrist bands which sold for just $50

Plus many other props, a few costumes and assorted pieces of concept art.

View the complete catalog here (includes some non-Stargate items)


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