Legends Memorabilia 2017 Stargate Auction

Collectors will want to check out the Legends Memorabilia website for a chance to bid on 25 lots of original props and wardrobe items from Stargate SG-1. In addition to the items from Stargate SG1, their auction included lots from Sanctuary and Hell On Wheels. Some of the Stargate lots include:

  • Kasuf hero head scarf
  • Sections of the Replicator walls
  • Several Daniel/Michael Shanks costumes
  • Last staff weapon
  • Dakara panel (Window of Opportunity)

Longtime collectors will recognize Legends Memorabilia as the longest running dealer in original Stargate props and costumes. Although they sold off a large number of costumes at wholesale prices in 2008 (for as low as $17 each at one point), they have continued to release a limited number of Stargate items throughout the following years in online auctions and at conventions.

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