Is Richard Dean Anderson Returning to Television?

If the creators of the new MacGyver series have their way then Richard Dean Anderson could be returning to network television. Although the rebooted franchise has a new actor playing the legendary role of MacGyver, the writers have a different role prepared for Anderson should he be interested. The role is an ongoing part, and would incorporate Anderson into the storyline of the new series.

MacGyver executive producer, Peter M. Lenkov, commented about Anderson, saying:

He’s being very kind to us because he’s allowing us to step out of the gate on our own. Hopefully, after we get up and running, he’ll come and join us. That’s what I’m hoping. We have a role, and it’s a great role. It’s recurring and I’m hoping he says yes to it.

Should Anderson sign onto the show it would be his first recurring role in 5 years, and first acting gig in general in 3 years. His decision could very well be influenced by how well the reboot is received by critics. If the show performs well leading into it’s mid-season break then it is more likely that there will be further episodes for Anderson to appear in.

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