Creation Entertainment Announces 2016 “Final” Stargate Convention

During the 2015 official Stargate convention in Chicago, Creation Entertainment announced the first guests for their 2016 convention. They are starting off their list with Amanda Tapping, Christopher Judge, Joe Flanigan, Alaina Huffman and Torrri Higginson. The convention will once again be held at The Westin O’Hare Hotel, and will be August 12-14, 2016.

Unfortunately for fans of Creation’s Stargate convention, the 2016 event is promised to be the last Stargate event from Creation. While the 2014 convention was supposed to be their last event, a boost of fan support pushed Creation to continue the event for a further two years. However, in the words of Creation Entertainment “All good things must come to an end unfortunately, so no more polls and such, this is the absolute last time we’re presenting The Official STARGATE SG-1/Atlantis/Universe Convention.” As listed on their event calendar, this will be their last Stargate show.

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