Dean Devlin Asked About Stargate at NYCC

At New York Comic Con SyFy Wire interviewed producer/director Dean Devlin to discuss his current and future projects. As we pointed out in another article, the planned Stargate movie reboot is no longer going to happen, or at least that was what his comments at the time insinuated. Devlin confirmed that with one single quote when asked about his earlier plans to reboot the Stargate franchise with a new trilogy of films:

“I’m actually not involved with the reboot of Stargate at all. So MGM is doing that; I wish them well.”

Afterward he went on to discuss his ironic coming-together with SG-1 creator Jonathan Glassner on the new project The Outpost. The new show will begin filming soon, and is not related to Stargate at all, despite both Devlin and Glassner’s connections to the franchise.

Watch the entire interview on SyFy Wire.

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