Corin Nemec Boldly Goes Trek

Corin Nemec is best known to Stargate fans as season six regular Jonas Quinn. He is going to be adding another “Star” series to his credit as the Star Trek Renegades web-series gets developed. The series also features Stargate Atlantis actor Robert Picardo (already well known for his Star Trek Voyager role), along with other Star Trek legends Walter Koenig, Tim Russ, Garrett Wang, and Richard Herd.

This is an impressive cast for a pilot which is being produced for the web. With this much talent behind the series there is every possibility of having the same level of success that Sanctuary had (which itself began as a web-series).

Watch this one closely, as Nemec and Picardo may not be the only Stargate actors who end up appearing in this Trek project The official website for the project is

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