Original Stargate Movie Props Up For Auction

Fans of the original Stargate movie are in for a treat as several original movie props are being auctioned off right now. The items were recently released by the production company which has held them in storage for the last 25 years.

While props and costumes from the Stargate TV series are common, items from the original Stargate movie are more rare. The small size of this auction is a testament to that fact. The auction features just 14 items, which is further split between props from the movie and pieces from a run of licensed replicas produced around the same time the movie was released.

Longtime fans of the Stargate franchise might remember the costume masks made by Distortions Unlimited, and sold in catalogs during the early 1990s. Some of these masks are included in this auction, and were not used in the movie.

All of the items, including the movie props and the collectible merchandise, are in need of restoration. Professional restoration of foam and latex props is a specialty and can be very expensive.

These items are being sold by VIP Fan Auctions, best known to Stargate fans for having auctioned off the props and costumes from Stargate Universe (along with some SG1 and Atlantis items). VIP Fan Auctions runs weekly auctions props and costumes from movies and TV shows.

View the items on ebay.

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