New Stargate Music Soundtrack Released

Stargate fans have new music to listen to thanks to Intrada. The two disc CD set contains music from four early season episodes of Stargate SG-1, all composed by Richard Band. The set includes 107 minutes of music, and has been mastered from original digital mixes direct from the MGM archives.

Music is from the season one and two episodes: Cold Lazarus, In The Line Of Duty, In The Serpent’s Lair, and Singularity.

The CD set is available to purchase from Intrada’s website for $21.99, and includes a feature booklet and original MGM series artwork! The CD will be released in limited quantities.

Intrada describes Richard Band’s contribution to Stargate as:

Richard Band scored several episodes across the first two seasons in 1997 & 1998. Using a compositional palette of synthesizers augmented by small instrumental ensembles, Band fashioned evocative sci-fi soundscapes with a degree of symphonic architecture. Melodies both haunting, dramatic trade with exciting action cues, militaristic percussion sequences. Band’s harmonic vocabulary melds rich, highly accessible chordal ideas with intense, aggressive vernacular to create unusually wide range of material.

If you can’t wait to listen to the music, Intrada has samples on their track listing:

[CD 1]
01. Teaser (3:42)
02. Is It Really Jack? (3:53)
03. Jack At Ex-Wife’s House (3:25)
04. Jack Visits Charlie’s Room (3:24)
05. The Crystals (2:14)
06. The Crystal Monitor (2:18)
07. Jack And Wife On Park Bench (3:08)
08. They Re-Activate The Crystal Monitor (2:03)
09. Pushing Back Through Gate To Hospital (3:53)
10. Jack Meets Alien Self And Finale (9:10)
      Total Time: 37:22

11. Teaser (2:50)
12. Medical Time (3:12)
13. O’Neill Comforts Cassie (3:05)
14. O’Neill To Burn Victim (0:38)
15. Teal’c Gives O’Neill Advice (2:28)
16. Daniel Talks To Girl Survivor (2:07)
17. Bad Guy Bandages Doc (2:20)
18. Daniel Talks To Alien Carter (2:26)
19. Finale – Daniel And Then Others Visit (10:11)
      Total Time: 29:36
      CD 1 Total Time: 67:01

[CD 2]
01. Finale (8:50)
      Total Time: 8:54)

02. Teaser (3:34)
03. From Stargate To New World (2:36)
04. Sam With Girl And Back Through Gate (2:49)
05. Sam And Little Girl Get Closer (2:58)
06. Heart Attack And Operation (3:36)
07. Jack And Teal’c Escaping Battle (4:22)
08. To The Underground Site (2:35)
09. Time Is Up And Finale (8:26)
      Total Time: 31:04
      CD 2 Total Time: 40:01

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