MGM Relaunches Stargate Command Website

MGM gave Stargate fans a special treat by relaunching their Stargate Command experience. The new website completely replaces their old Stargate Command site, which launched two years ago. While the old interface used a social wall type interface, the new site has been organized into interactive sections.

Fans can engage with the Stargate Command team and fellow users by joining Factions, and then supporting their faction by gaining points. All of this might sound similar to another site operated many years ago by Showtime, but this is different in some major ways!

  1. The new Stargate Command is built on real stories and facts from the franchise. You can take quizzes and polls, and even relive story arcs by taking in Features.
  2. Nearly every corner of the site encourages fans to engage in discussions with each other. Just like the social media sites you already use, Stargate Command lets you chat with friends about all things Stargate!
  3. Access to the best Stargate content. It’s not all games at Stargate Command! Read Stargate novels, comic books, and watch all of the episodes through the platform.

There is even a store with original Stargate merchandise! You need to explore the site on your own. Embrace this, fellow fans, because getting involved is how we show MGM that we care about Stargate.

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