How Joe Mallozzi Would Bring Back SG1, SGA, and SGU

Stargate writer/producer Joe Mallozzi recently shared his thoughts on how he might approach bringing back SG-1, Atlantis, and Universe (if ever given the chance). While Mallozzi has not been approached by MGM about working on any future Stargate projects, these make for a fun read considering all of his work on the franchise.

Stargate Universe

SGU would be perfect given the way the series ended – with out characters going into stasis. As we said, who knows how long it would take Destiny to cross the vast expanse. Months? Years? Centuries? Destiny’s old pods slowed the aging process but didn’t halt it completely which would exchange why our crew may be a few years older when they come out. We had various ideas for where to pick up a fourth season and this show is freshest in my mind.

Stargate Atlantis

I always loved the initial premise of the Atlantis expedition being cut off from Earth and the attraction of returning Atlantis to the Pegasus Galaxy, with this original premise in play, really appeals. The bonus for choosing Atlantis is that Paul and I already wrote the script for Stargate: Extinction which brings the city back to Pegasus. Jason Momoa could be a hard to get though…

Stargate SG-1

This one is nearest and dearest to my heart. I had the most fun writing these characters and would jump at the chance to do it again. Sure, the members of SG-1 may be older and could have moved on to bigger positions at Stargate Command, but if a new (classic) goa’uld threat rises, who better to answer the call?

And there you go: If Joe Mallozzi is ever asked to bring back one of the Stargate shows, these are some of the thoughts that will go through his mind.

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    • or have them only in pilot episode with some kind of sickness or malfunction that forces them to go back into stasis, gives them a good bye and or the ability to pop in from time to time, when there is a threat big enough to wake them for a few hours.

  1. Stargate Atlantis, SG1 and Universe Scripts Ideas
    (fans scripts ideas please comment)

    SGA&SG1 Todd was kidnapped from a Goa’uld from Earth, they make a alliance – Goa’uld – Wraith. They fly with a Goa’uld ship to Pegasus Galaxy. Todd make there a trusted military group, and fly back to “Goa’uld” Galaxy with 10 Wraith ship’s (modyfiked hyperdrive by a Goa’uld) and one gould ship . Untill they fly back the goauld took control over the Wraith and implant to other Wraith another Goulds with lower rank.
    The Goulds find a new host with knowledge from wraith and from himself, big muscle power, ships from old Goulds, Wraith, and the Alien Goauld ship**.
    *The Goauld has a name Baure. Baure was found unconsciously in Mexiko from a digger Crew that broken a box in which he was sleeping 4000 years. Baure was excommunicate and punished by another… from his Kind. **The Gould have a ship that was hidden in the forest under the earth – with another design and technology from stolen race ship. Baure was punished becacuse he was find a planet with a
    died race, that left all ships and technology on his own planet.
    Later tauri – new and old Sg1,SgA sabotage that ship and find out – in the system logs where the planet is… On this planet there find out that it was the home planet from Ancient Asgards. They have left in the old ruins near the modern city leads to find where they are. They are in alternative reality, and they make a own stargate system there. The system with ancient Asgard race was all cloaked like (Ori-Sams idea to cloak earth with alternative reality technlogy). The system was placed on edge from the galaxy. They find a stargate adress with a frequenc that was coded. To get there, rodney encrypt it and write a program for the stargate. They find there a small group of ancient Asgards, that survived a plague. They have a resolution to Old Asgards (that ***”suicide” Ori war)

    *** The Old Asgards Sg1
    The Asgards suicided but not complete they upload his subconscious and knowledge and left a one empty body hibernatet stasis – thats not so sick – maybe for Thor when the time comes, to a Cloaked ship on the orbit from a another planet through the stargate and the beem technology (like in the Merlins caves) They left deep in the system logs of the modyfiked through Asgards Tauri ship leads to find them in case they find a Asgard ancient. Carter was angry and don’t belive that Old Asgards suicided until they find the “predecessors”. She search for informations about the disease and find a subprogram with leads. They left on the Asgards ship also leads from leads how to find the ancients, there was 2 groups, each of them was a difrent
    philosophy. Sg1 solve where is the another Asgard race – McKay find this information in Atlantis. They give all this informations, to the Ancients Asgards that will help descendants
    The Tauri have back the Asgards but they have also a growing problem in the galaxy, wraith combined with gould’s

    SgA/Sg1 find a power station that load’s ZMP’s from Core of the planet.
    Empty ZMP’s that we have on Atlantis ship – new defence outpost on Earth (Earth defence 2)

    Tauri find a tauri ancient that slepp in cryogenic chamber, he was ill, and the sg1 infected also with. They make a contact with Tokra, they cure all sg1 staff, and also they ancient but to cure him they must make a first try to implant to Tokras at once. He is make a new alliance with tauri but he lives with Tokra

    The tokra find a host thats load all ancient knowledge depository to his brain and after that Tokra implant 5 Tokras to share one body. They help find ancient ships like destiny and another ancient ship models.
    To fight with new enemys like Ori priests that also were taken through Goulds parasites race.

    A new Ancient City like Atlantis ?
    “Interesting video that claims to show a tower over 2000 feet tall on Google Earth directly on the opposite side of the Earth from the Great Pyramid.”

    Daniel analyse hidden tips in a map created by the Ancients. He will solve the puzzle and find the way and adress to this secret place. There may be find anythink: qancient ships, zmp’s, a world with ancients that not ascended in a parallel world with a another stargate system and with the 5 greatest races: like Nox, Ancients, Asgard, Furling etc.
    (another version: Daniel analyse hidden tips in a map created by the Ancients found in peru. The map is created before the Ancients left Atlantis. but they took it with them on earth.
    He will solve the puzzle and find the way and adress to this secret place in the pegasus galaxy. There may be find anythink: ancient ships, zmp’s etc. They find 3 ships like aurora and a portal on this planet to a parallel world with own stargate system. They find a parallel world with ancients that are not ascended. In the parallel ancient world they find out that there live the 5 greatest races Nox, Ancients, Asgard, Furling in one Planetary Star System. They have together a common enemy Wraith but with the ancient knowledge from hacked ancient repository)
    -new ZPM model found on mars
    -Transport rings from earth to moon, earth-mars, mars-uran, mars-saturn-moons etc – ancient outposts
    – Replicators are also somewhere and they are on the way
    -Ori priests – goulds mix
    – The Old Sg1 Crew have a last mission find another Sg1 – the best of the best people for this job
    – furling race with another friend races from them help sg1 with technologies and fight back enemys
    -Naquadah on earth under anarctika or another planet in the solar system
    – more citys like atlantis under water with stargates, anthiker drones fabrikue
    – Carter make a program for Tauri Ship that make a scanner that can make a map with transort rings on 1 by one planet
    -A new Ancient City like Atlantis under water directly on the opposite side of the Earth from the Great Pyramid.”
    – on every planet in our solar system are hiden transport rings, transport is only possible if it is the appropriate arrangement of the planets in relation to each other —> secret military outposts and research base of ancients, people from earth modified asgard technology to detect transport rings on all planets including on earth from the orbit on ships like dedalus and Earth’s satellite (they find on many planets transport rings to research bases of ancients and goual’d and many new technology, database.
    They find in Antarctica information about ships from ancients (in time after they come thrue the stargate on earth) where there are and they find in one minute, many of them for exaple one cloacked ship on earth under the water, with
    running out of ZPMs. They find also a information where are another secret ancient research facilitys.

    Eli repair the capsule through the chair. After that he connect the power defice from the space shuttle to supply a console that allows a wirtual realistic dream like in the chair with Rush. Eli modyfiked the program to allow conntact with Rush, Young, Chloe and maybe Ginn. They have time to solve the problem with the automatic combat ships , drones. He make a gateway to end this programm and hibernation after they solve the problem. Eli with Rush have a idea. They activate sensors that predict where the drones will impact and in this places destiny strengthen the shield for a few seconds and in the same time it weaken shields in places where is no danger to ~0%. The shields are calibrate to impacts of ships thats save energy. Rush activate also a second type of Destiny shield, that neutralizes energy shots from the drones. (The shields places calibrated for impacts of ships looks like small domes like by Atlantis City – thats make a buffor – cushion – because of the speed from drones) After the destruction of all drones, they score in hyperdrive of the alien automatic ship and neutralize it. After that Rush with a force team sabotage the ship and change codes for all automatic ships through subspace connection. They give a comend code to fly into a star = self-destruction. With the exception of 4 command ships with full drones thats will serve as protection for destiny. Mayby the command ships can be used to pull out the power source and bring and plug it in to destiny by the crew, after that they can make a power jump to next galaxy with modyfiked drive on Destiny to a Wormhole drive. Radek Zelenka was able to complete Rodney McKay’s calculations in order to perform a jump to Earth after Atlantis’ hyperdrive failed at the edge of the Milky Way. (ATL: “Enemy at the Gate”) This drive allows the vessel to travel between or throughout galaxies almost instantaneously (the technology was abandoned by the Ancients due to its instability) Eli have a idea to cloak the ship, but this idea works slowly because shields were not originally designed for this function and in the time (10seconds) of change the shield technology Destiny is exposed for all attacks. Thats also posible for the space shuttle ; ) The stasis capsule repairs eyes from Dr Lisa Park and heal the seaknes from lieutenant Johansen. Some of the stasis capsule don’t work correctly, some people of the crew die, some after wake up are a few years older, but 60% works properly! They find a broken seed ship and they connectthe date together and find new informations…hmm ; ) After that they find another ship like seed ship but it is designed to protect it – a warship. In this warship the FTL drive is broken, but they connect with Destiny a they have more weapons. Eli find out how to connect two displays and hard drives to send informations to earth through the comunication defice. They find interesting data and they give money for new suply base Ikarus2 – New actors – faces. They will always try to get home… have probles with suply (water, food) They find a another seed ship with a malfunction on the end of the galaxy where the drones was current. They have now a Destiny connected with a warship and a seedship with another crew, maybe from Ikarus2. (On the second seedship they find a stasis capsule with a ancient tauri. He is not so wise but wise – because of the malfunction in the ship the capsule work also not correct. He help with repairs on the ship and explain the importance of this mission). He explains that some of the ancients ascendent and some traveled to space exploration because they don’t like the ascendent rules. He knows the adreses, but it requires a Ikarus planet and a stargate with 10 symbols to get there (Sg1). The ancients build Destiny and the other ships. (Sg1 find the the ancients with 4 ZPM’s (SgA/Sg1 find a power station that load’s ZMP’s from Core of the planet. Empty ZMP’s are on Atlantis ship.) The ancients help lower stage of evolution stay in justice, peace, defance and they don’t think that as a ancient ascendent they are gods.
    They find the familly descendants from Destiny crew on the next galaxy.
    The familly fly with his own ship to another plannet, but it takes 300years. Fortunately they find a seed ship that was broken because of low energy. They draw the ship in the direction of the sun and suply the battery with full energy. After that they reach a planet with a obelisk like in the planet Eden. The obelisk is a galaxy beem teleport machine. It works only in one direction. It works only from the end to the beginning of a galaxy. They have the archive history copy, and they download it to destiny. The descendants complete the crew of Destiny that died from the begining of Ikarus 1 project.
    Rush with Eli found out how use the obelisk to teleport destiny from on galaxy to another like the space shuttle from Eden. Rush thinks that the obelisks are a stamp of the creator of everything.
    The blue aliens follow destiny transmitter that was also implanted in Chloe and runs once a day while she sleep. The transmitter in Rush was a simple distraction. They could send puddle jumpers through the super gate onto destiny
    They find a hangar on destiny with a small ship. They explore destiny and find out many secrets Hmm thats all for now. It’s late and I’m sleepy
    (Mayby in SGU can the same actors play the role, they are older because of a
    malfunction or side effekt on account of connection with a virtual
    communication dream like in the chair, and when some of the actors must
    go, mayby they connet with earth to replace part of the crew – new order from IOA. They have
    enough power to do this from the power sources from the mother ships of
    the drones, to connet with earth and make a wormohole jump to next
    “New” Piramide found on earth under the sea or sand, and theres a portal to moon – ancient base

    Stargate Universe Season 3/4 by Andrzej Gbur

    Scripts ideas: Andrzej Gbur – Poland

  2. I wouldn’t trust Mazolli to write a cook book, let alone reboot the Stargate franchise. He was the main force that directed SGA into the gutter in the last season and created SGU which was almost universally panned by SG franchise fans. The level of writing had gone down hill sharply on SGA and SGU’s story was full of misogyny, sexual assualt, and lack of agency for female characters. Meanwhile the male characters were all written like idiots who don’t know how to do their jobs or sexist pigs. So no, I don’t want Mazolli anywhere near what is left of my good memories of SGA and SG1.

  3. I enjoyed Stargate the movie, SG-1 and I especially enjoyed Stargate Atlantis. However, I could never get into enjoying Stargate Universe. I watched every episode hoping somehow the series would turn itself around. I didn’t like most of the cast, they weren’t very convincing in convincing me they were the best and the brightest. I wouldn’t trust them to be able to repair or protect my car much less a technologically advanced spaceship, etc.

    • point was they WERN’T the best and brightest they were the wrong people sent there by “accident” due to rush not wanting to miss the opportunity to go.

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