Chronicle Collectibles Expands Their Stargate Line

Chronicle Collectibles is known in the Stargate community for their beautiful 1:1 scale replicas of the Anubis and Horus helmets. Both helmets were released in super limited quantities (200 and 50 units respectively), and quickly sold out. Now, Chronicle is re-releasing the helmets, albeit in a smaller 1:2 scale version.

These newly developed 1:2 scale replicas are being promoted as table top versions of the much larger 1:1 scale replicas. Their smaller size will make them much easier to display in average size rooms which weren’t suitable for the full size helmets.

As half-scale replicas, the helmets are also half the price of the original run of full scale versions. The 1:2 scale replicas will cost $750 each, or $1200 for the pair. When compared to the 1:1 scale prices of $1300 (Anubis) and $1700 (Horus) these are prices to sell. Chronicle says that they will ship in early 2018.

Get all of the details on Chronicle Collectibles’ website here (Horus) and here (Anubis).

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