Christopher Judge On The Future Of Stargate

While preparing to visit Australia for Supanova, Christopher Judge took the time to update fans on his current projects and reminisced about his time on the set of Stargate SG-1. Judge will be in Sydney June 16-18, and then in Perth June 24-26.

Anyone who has listened to any Stargate Q&A session knows that the Stargate sets were fun, and that the cast members genuinely liked being around each other. And, anyone who has heard Judge speak knows that he has a dominant sense of humor. He reaffirmed both of these well-knowns when asked about his greatest memories on set

Oh gosh! The whole run was great, for me though it was the laughter, we laughed every day!

But the real burning question on the minds of Stargate fans is when will there be new Stargate? And, perhaps more pointedly, will we see a return of the characters we love from SG1, Atlantis, and Universe?

…it would be so difficult to do anything Stargate because they sold off all the props, they sold off all the costumes, they sold off the sets. So, to get it restarted it would have to be a tremendous financial commitment. It wouldn’t be a one-off reunion thing…

This is, of course, the reason that the two Stargate SG-1 movies were made when the sets were still in place. To recreate the sets for a single movie or miniseries would not be prudent for MGM. However, a new series could certainly justify the expense of building new sets.

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