Stargate Legacy publishes news relating to the Stargate franchise. Our stories concern Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate Universe and the Stargate movies.

We cover a variety of topics ranging from actor appearances to detailed analyses of the props and costumes used throughout the various productions.

About Julia Donovan

I have dedicated years to covering the Stargate program through research and investigative journalism. My research has included time working for Inside Access, and also independently. I have been fortunate to have extensive access over the years to a great deal of Stargate related knowledge, some of which I am only just now able to share due to NDAs.

While many of my peers have moved on, Stargate is a has been one of the constants over the last 15 years. I believe that the people have a right to know about Stargate, and so I will continue to use any format available to get the word out.

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